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Top 10 Men's Shoulder Exercises

In the gym, men are as interested in developing strong shoulders as they are in creating fabulous six pack abs. Men like to think of their shoulders as something more than amazing rocks to lean on in times of stress: They prefer to think of their shoulders as an intricate part of themselves. For this reason, most men are willing to put forth the necessary effort to create massively strong shoulders.

Given the importance than most men place on having strong shoulders, it is a strange irony that the musculature of the shoulder is, in its essence, quite small. It takes, therefore, a great deal of effort and hard work to develop strong shoulders. The official name of the primary shoulder’s muscle is called the deltoid. It has three parts, which are the front or anterior, the middle or medial, and the rear or posterior. The following ten exercises will address and develop each of the three parts of the deltoid—with fabulously and surprisingly good results.

  1. The Bench press is well known in the gym, and this activity stresses the

development of the anterior along with the triceps and the pecs, but, overall, the front delts get the most attention with the bench press. For this reason, the bench press gets the most notoriety for developing very strong shoulders.

  1. The next logical exercise, after the bench press, also favors the front heads. This

exercise makes use of the overhead press. Three sets will work, with 10 reps.

  1. Variations are important, too. The third exercise is the slide incline lateral raise.

8 to 10 reps are recommended.  “If you want perfectly balanced shoulders, you almost have to do lateral raises,” says Orthopedic Surgeon Richard Derrick, MD, Adjunct Professor at .

  1. The rear lateral raise is recommended for grand shoulders. This chest supported

rear lateral raise or pec-dec reverse flye should include three sets with 8-12 reps.

At this point, it is important to note that beginning weight trainers should work out two or three times each week as part of a full body workout for best results. As time goes on, trainers can work on the deltoids once every five to seven days. All of these exercises can be combined with continuous overhead presses.

5. This exercise is called the three part lateral raise, which targets the medial deltoid. The beginning position for each of the phases is exactly the same. The shoulder

developer needs to stand tall with the knees slightly bent, the abs tight, and the

Arms at the sides—with a dumbbell in each and with the palms facing the


  1. This next exercise is simple and also works on the medial deltoid.The arms need to be raised out to the sides in such a way that they are straight, but not unhooked.The hands are then rotated so that the thumbs face out and are parallel to the floor. This, also, needs to be repeated.
  1. The front raise is number seven. This exercise works the anterior deltoid. While standing tall, the knees are slightly bent and the abs are tight. The exerciser needs to hold a dumbbell in each hand. The hands are in the front, and the palms face the thighs. It is, then, necessary to continue with a slight bend in the elbows and to alternate lifting each arm to the front at eye level and back down, and back down and back down again. It is important, now, to count to one and then, lower the weight.As one arm goes up, the other goes down, but the arms should not be raised higher than eye level.
  1. The single-arm diagonal raise is next, and it develops the posterior and medial deltoid groups. This activity includes a need to stand tall with the knees in a bent position. The abs must be tight, and a dumbbell needs to be secured in the right hand. The right hand, in addition, needs to be in front of the left thigh. With a slight bend in the elbow, the right arm is in a diagonal motion from a lift spot to a high right place, stopping when the arm comes back in live with the body, and the palm is forward, his needs to be repeated for several reps and the arms need to be switched.
  1. The anterior and medial deltoids are given top billing in the seated military press.

It is necessary to sit on an upright bench that is reclined 5 to 10 degrees. A dumbbell is held in each hand at the shoulder’s height, with the palms facing

forward and with the elbows directly under the hands. The back is kept flat against the bench as the dumbbells are pressed upward and ever so slightly towards the midsection of the body, without locking the elbows. As a one count is held at the top, the dumbbells are lowered (slowly) to shoulder height on a three count, and the, the whole process is repeated.

  1. The last exercise is a single diagonal raise of the bar bells, which is repeated

on both arms for ten reps. All last efforts should be simple, but significant, as this one will be as it is repeated, and it should be repeated—for good measure.

If these ten exercises are accomplished with diligent effort, the shoulders should develop nicely, and they will continue to develop with gusto as the effort increases and the results are realized. As stated earlier, shoulders have an impressive way of presenting the man in a very positive way. All three parts of the deltoid-- the anterior, the medial, and the posterior—are addressed in these ten exercises, and the man who hits the gym with gusto and these ten activities in tow, will see optimum results. Clothing will look better, and those shoulders will really end up being something to lean on!


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